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Where The Sauths Began
Where The Sauths Began


Journeys, trips, vacations. Short ones, long ones, the ones you carefully plan out or the ones that just happen spontaneously. The ones that take you somewhere far, the ones that take you somewhere new. Happy faces, calm minds, new experiences, adventures, love, different points of seeing the world, nomads, sunsets, exciting tastes, new horizons.

Everyone experiences journeys in their own unique ways, having their own goals and wishes in mind. The only similarity is that you can never quite tell how those journeys will turn out and what kind of impact they’ll have on you.

This journey was the one I’ve been planning, waiting and dreaming about for so long. The journey that created Sauths.


For the first time in my life, I was travelling alone. Canggu, Uluwatu, Bali. This time my goals were not places and things. I wanted to experience something exciting, to learn something new, to try something I’ve never done before and on top of it all - to understand something about myself. Something that I felt was missing.

You know, at first it all seems pretty simple. But what I’ve learned is that things like that are never easy nor are they simple. We live in a world with unbelievable speeds of everything, not to mention our own feelings, moods and emotions. How ca n you find your balance, stay calm and don’t let your surroundings affect you that much? How can you simply release all the built up tension and make some space for personal growth?

I’ve started asking myself loads of different questions, started being more and more honest with the answers. For the last 8 years I’ve been strongly interested in fashion industry, especially the whole creative side of it. I knew I wanted to create something that’s unique and it felt like I’m pretty close to figuring out what that ‘something’ was.

Without me even noticing, everything I was experiencing slowly but surely led me to Sauths. I say ‘without me even noticing’ because only when I started packing m y bags for the flight home, it finally hit me - why the hell did I pack so many things I haven’t used this whole trip? Why did I pack so many different clothes when all I needed was maybe three or f our items?

You don’t need a lot to experience a lot. One dress can perfectly fit all the motorbike rides, the flights, the historic place s you take pictures of, the romantic late night restaurant dinners and all the long walks by the ocean.

I promised myself that the next time I travel, I will solely pack the clothes that help me experience more, not only take up the space. The ones that are really comfy, practical, suitable for many different activities and don’t need that much of my attention (I don’t really like that whole ‘running in a hotel, searching for an iron’ thing).

If you can’t find something - create it. That’s how the first Sauths dress was born.

It’s only when you are free, when you watch the sun rise over the ocean waves, when you lose the track of time, when the feeling of weariness leaves your body and mind. Only then you can find the answers.

It’s okay for things to go south once in a while. The adventures begin there, trust me.



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